• How to create a Condolence Book

How to create a Condolence Book

Creating a condolence book is easy and convenient simply by following the steps below. We have taken efforts to ensure that the process is easy and user friendly.

  • 1

    Open an account by signing up here. Once you have signed up, your name and this icon will appear at the top right corner.

  • 2

    Go to “create condolence book” page or click on the icon to access the page.

  • 3

    There are four main steps as follows.

    • Select a template .
    • Enter details of the Deceased.
    • Add cover message such as “Dearly loved, Fare thee well my hero, Go well grandpa,etc”
    • Add Life Story/Eulogy
    • Provide a “Cover picture to appear on the top of the book
    • Provide lifestyle pictures—a selection of pictures you want to appear in the book
    • Make payment either using MPESA, PAYPAL account or CARD
    • A link is immediately generated
    • View book and edit/review as necessary
    • Distribute link by copying it or directly sharing on your social media platforms
    • For a public book, it immediately becomes available for others to add messages
  • 4

    Once you have created a book and paid, you will encounter the following actions.

  • 5

    Once the period for adding messages is over:

    • Close the book so it’s not accessible to others
    • Edit as necessary
    • Keep your login details safe.
    • Remember to leave us a comment on the testimonial page